Upcoming Shows

10.13.18 Avon Municipal Building, Avon, NJ

10.27.18 Joe's Surf Shack, Belmar, NJ

15th Annual Halloween Show!  9pm

9.29.18 Reef & Barrel

9.15.18 Joe's Surf Shack

Set 1 1.Folsom Prison Blues 2.The Race Is On 3.Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere 4.Soul Shakedown Party 5.Ballad Of John And Yoko 6.Jack Straw 7.Feelin' Alright 8.Backwards Down The Number Line 9.Big Railroad Blues 10.Your Time Is Gonna Come 11.Superstitious 12.The Music Never Stopped*

13.Beyond Here Lies Nothing* 14.Chicago Is Your Home

Set 2 1.Life During Wartime 2.Sweet Jane 3.Stray Cat Blues

4.Rock & Roll 5.Looking At The World Through A Windshield 6.Scarlet Begonias 7.Drift Away 8.Viola Lee Blues
9.Masterpiece 10.Sugaree# 11.Tangled Up In Blue#

with Tony Nardini on keyboards, * Karen Phillips on vocals,

# Chris Fay on vocals  

9/7/18 The Columns

Set 1 1.Midnight Moonlight 2.Folsom Prison Blues 3.16 Days 4.Harder They Come 5.Looking At The World Through A Windshield 6.Rock & Roll-> Uptight-> 7.Rock & Roll

8.Second That Emotion 9.Viola Lee Blues 10.Ballad Of John And Yoko 11.Chicago Is Your Home

Set 2 1.Dead Flowers 2.Ticket To Ride 3.Hey Pocky Way 4.Southbound 5.Honky-Tonk Woman 6.Music Never Stopped 7.Dear Prudence 8.Promised Land

Columns closing weekend 

9.1.18 Paul's Tavern

Set 1 1.Easy To Slip 2.The Race Is On 3.Soul Shakedown Party 4.New Minglewood Blues  5.While My Guitar Gently Weeps 6.Kill Devil Falls 7.Come & Go Blues 8.Last Time 9.Black-Throated Wind

10.Unchain My Heart 11.Promised Land
Set 2 1.Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere 2.Cocaine Blues

3.Life During Wartime 4.Drowned 5.Stray Cat Blues
6.Shelter From The Storm 7.Good Lovin' 8.Drift Away*

with Billy Siegel on keyboards, * Vern King on vocals   

8.4.18 The Columns

Set 1 1.Mama Tried->2.Big River 3.Heart Of Gold 4.The Ballad Of John And Yoko 5.16 Days 6.On The Road Again

7.Second That Emotion 8.Ocelot

9.Harder They Come 10.Sweet Jane 

11.Big Railroad Blues 12.Sugaree 13.The Wind Cries Mary 14.Women Are Smarter 15.Althea 16.Good Lovin'


Set 2 1.Life During Wartime 2.Mississippi 1/2 Step 3.That's What Love Will Make You Do 4.Take The Money & Run 5.Drowned 6.Viola Lee Blues 7.Masterpiece 8.Promised Land 

with  Dan Hamilton  on keyboards 

7.14.18 Paul's Tavern

Set 1 1.Mama Tried-> 2.Big River 3.The Race Is On 4.That's What Love'll Make You Do 5.Dear Prudence  6.Can't Explain 7.Southbound 8.Mississippi 1/2 Step 9.Big Railroad Blues 10.Rock & Roll-> 11.Uptight-> 12.Rock & Roll

Set 2 1.Backwards Down The Number Line 2.Viola Lee Blues 3.Tangled Up In Blue* 4.Atlantic City*   5.Gin & Juice* 6.The Wind Cries Mary 7.Drift Away# 8.Promised Land 9.While My Guitar Gently Weeps  10.Masterpiece* 11.Butterface* 12.Sugaree* 13.Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere^  14.Cripple Creek^

15.Cortez The Killer^*

*Chris Fay on guitar & vocals, # Vern King on vocals, # John Hathaway on guitar & vocals   

7.7.18 The Columns

Set 1 1.16 Days 2.The Race Is On 3.California Stars 4.Folsom Prison Blues 5.Harder They Come 6.Kill Devil Falls 7.The Wind Cries Mary 8.Hey Hey What Can I Do 9.The Music Never Stopped* 10.Friend Of The Devil 11.Chicago Is Your Home 12.Deep Elm Blues* 13.Cocaine Blues

Set 2 1.Masterpiece 2.Sugaree 3.Hey Pocky Way 4.Women-R-Smarter 5.Life During Wartime 6.Good Times Bad Times 7.Drowned 8.Black-Throated Wind

9.Ballad Of John And Yoko

* Karen Phillips on vocals 

6.30.18 Paul's Tavern

Set 1 1.Midnight Moonlight 2.Looking At The World Through A Windshield 3.Take The Money & Run 4.Come & Go Blues 5.Second That Emotion 6.The Wind Cries Mary 7.Ramblin Man 8.Your Time Is Gonna Come 9.Can't Explain 10.Ocelot 11.Jet 12.Masterpiece

Set 2 1.New Minglewood Blues 2.Breathe-> 3.Time 4.Blow Away 5.Taking It To The Street 6.Still Got Time 7.Fearless 8.Unchain My Heart 9.Drift Away^ 10.Little Wing 11.Jack Straw

with Billy Siegel on keyboards

^ Vern King on vocals 

6.16.18 D'Arcy’s Tavern

Set 1 1.Easy To Slip 2.On The Road Again 3.Idiot Wind 4.Ticket To Ride 5.That's What Love Will Make You Do
6.Alabama 7.Backwards Down The Number Line 8.Cold Rain & Snow

9.Dig A Pony-> 10.Instant Karma->
11.She Came In Through The Bathroom Window

Set 2 1.Mr. Charlie* 2.Atlantic City* 3.Hey Pocky Way 4.Black-Throated Wind 5.Harder They Come
6.Fire On The Mountain 7.Life During Wartime 8.Honky Tonk Woman 9.Drowned 10.Gin & Juice^
11.Tangled Up In Blue^ 12.Late Lit & Loaded^ 13.Jack Straw^ 14.Deal^ 15.Masterpiece^ 16.Butterface^
17.Sweet Jane

* BC MacGowan on guitar & vocals

^ Chris Fay on guitar & vocals 

6.9.18 Avon Fire Dept

Set 1 1.16 Days 2.Midnight Moonlight 2.Folsom Prison Blues-> 3.That's Alright Mama-> 4.Folsom Prison Blues
5.Shelter From The Storm 6.Soul Shakedown Party 7.Chicago Is Your Home 8.Dead Flowers 9.The Race Is On
10.The Harder They Come 11.Southbound 12.Rock & Roll->* 13.Uptight* 14.Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
15.Mississippi 1/2 Step 16.Promised Land

* Bob Giunco on drums 

6.2.18 The Columns

Set 1 1.16 Days 2.Midnight Moonlight 3.Let It Rock 4.Second That Emotion

5.Come & Go Blues
6.Backwards Down The Number Line 7.Sugaree 8.Ticket To Ride 9.Breathe-> 10.Time-> 11.Breathe 12.Unchain My Heart 13.6 Days On The Road

Set 2 1.New Minglewood Blues 2.Your Time Is Gonna Come 3.Life During Wartime 4.Taking It To The Street
5.Sweet Jane 6.Franklin's Tower* 7.Stray Cat Blues 8.Cocaine Blues 9.Mr. Charlie

with Billy Siegel on keyboards, * Neil Hayes on bass