7.14.18 Paul's Tavern

Set 1 1.Shelter From The Storm 

2.16 Days 3.Midnight Moonlight 4.Southbound 5.Alabama 6.Mississippi 1/2 Step-> 7.Franklin's Tower 8.Friend Of The Devil

9.Chicago Is Your Home

Set 2 1.The Race Is On 2.On The Road Again 3.Black-Throated Wind 4.Soul Shakedown Party 5.While My Guitar Gently Weeps* 6.Folsom Prison Blues*-> 7.That's All Right*-> 8.Folsom Prison Blues* 9.Viola Lee Blues 10.Ballad Of John And Yoko 11.Masterpiece 12.After Midnight 

Set 3 1.Mama Tried-> 2.Big River 3.Messing With The Kid 4.Jack Straw# 5.Promised Land

* John Perry on bass

# Neil Hayes on bass

7.7.18 The Columns

Set 1 1.16 Days 2.The Race Is On 3.California Stars 4.Folsom Prison Blues 5.Harder They Come 6.Kill Devil Falls 7.The Wind Cries Mary 8.Hey Hey What Can I Do 9.The Music Never Stopped* 10.Friend Of The Devil 11.Chicago Is Your Home 12.Deep Elm Blues* 13.Cocaine Blues

Set 2 1.Masterpiece 2.Sugaree 3.Hey Pocky Way 4.Women-R-Smarter 5.Life During Wartime 6.Good Times Bad Times 7.Drowned 8.Black-Throated Wind

9.Ballad Of John And Yoko

* Karen Phillips on vocals 

6.30.18 Paul's Tavern

Set 1 1.Midnight Moonlight 2.Looking At The World Through A Windshield 3.Take The Money & Run 4.Come & Go Blues 5.Second That Emotion 6.The Wind Cries Mary 7.Ramblin Man 8.Your Time Is Gonna Come 9.Can't Explain 10.Ocelot 11.Jet 12.Masterpiece

Set 2 1.New Minglewood Blues 2.Breathe-> 3.Time 4.Blow Away 5.Taking It To The Street 6.Still Got Time 7.Fearless 8.Unchain My Heart 9.Drift Away^ 10.Little Wing 11.Jack Straw

with Billy Siegel on keyboards

^ Vern King on vocals 

6.16.18 D'Arcy’s Tavern

Set 1 1.Easy To Slip 2.On The Road Again 3.Idiot Wind 4.Ticket To Ride 5.That's What Love Will Make You Do
6.Alabama 7.Backwards Down The Number Line 8.Cold Rain & Snow

9.Dig A Pony-> 10.Instant Karma->
11.She Came In Through The Bathroom Window

Set 2 1.Mr. Charlie* 2.Atlantic City* 3.Hey Pocky Way 4.Black-Throated Wind 5.Harder They Come
6.Fire On The Mountain 7.Life During Wartime 8.Honky Tonk Woman 9.Drowned 10.Gin & Juice^
11.Tangled Up In Blue^ 12.Late Lit & Loaded^ 13.Jack Straw^ 14.Deal^ 15.Masterpiece^ 16.Butterface^
17.Sweet Jane

* BC MacGowan on guitar & vocals

^ Chris Fay on guitar & vocals 

6.9.18 Avon Fire Dept

Set 1 1.16 Days 2.Midnight Moonlight 2.Folsom Prison Blues-> 3.That's Alright Mama-> 4.Folsom Prison Blues
5.Shelter From The Storm 6.Soul Shakedown Party 7.Chicago Is Your Home 8.Dead Flowers 9.The Race Is On
10.The Harder They Come 11.Southbound 12.Rock & Roll->* 13.Uptight* 14.Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere
15.Mississippi 1/2 Step 16.Promised Land

 * Bob Giunco on drums 

6.2.18 The Columns

Set 1 1.16 Days 2.Midnight Moonlight 3.Let It Rock 4.Second That Emotion 5.Come & Go Blues
 6.Backwards Down The Number Line 7.Sugaree 8.Ticket To Ride 9.Breathe-> 10.Time-> 11.Breathe
 12.Unchain My Heart 13.6 Days On The Road
Set 2 1.New Minglewood Blues 2.Your Time Is Gonna Come 3.Life During Wartime 4.Taking It To The Street
 5.Sweet Jane 6.Franklin's Tower* 7.Stray Cat Blues 8.Cocaine Blues 9.Mr. Charlie

with Billy Siegel on keyboards, * Neil Hayes on bass